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About me:

In my professional life I worked in higher education and government. As an earth scientist I devoted almost two decades to environmental management, cleaning up hazardous sites in New Jersey. I have many interests and have used retirement to study a variety of topics, including sound and video recording and editing, biology, history, and mathematics while remaining current in my original field of Earth Science. Other activities include writing, photography, and music. 

Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I have lived in the United States for over four decades. My youth and family history in Scotland have provided inspiration for my writing. Roses of Winter, set in World War 2 Scotland and various theaters of the war, describes the everyday experience of war by working people and merchant seamen. The sequel, The Taste of Dust, continues the story from the 1950s up to the present. A Hole Without Sides, a memoir, describes the journey that brought me to America.

Murdo Morrison
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